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Note: the use of the term "Web" in these pages generally refers to the Web of Oz, not to the World Wide Web.

Here are a few images Kathryn Huxtable has created which we're allowing people to copy and use freely. We're asking that you please attribute them to Kathryn Huxtable on any page where you use them. At the moment, they're all pentacles, but she may eventually add some others.

The main impetus for these images came from the unauthorized use of the Web of Oz logo symbol, the snake-and-stick pentacle where the snake spells out "Oz".

We've noticed that there are a bunch of these out there called "leafpent.gif", clearly copies of Kathryn's work, but with no reference to the snake. We have the impression that most people would probably just as soon not have the snake, and have probably not noticed that the snake spells "Oz". So Kathryn created some images that are simply leafy pentacles, and hopefully people will want to replace the Web of Oz logo with one of these.

The images are below, with Kathryn's comments. Click on any image to go to a page with just that image.

10K bytes"

Leaf Pentacle (Ash)
This is a simple reworking of the Web of Oz logo but instead of a snake forming the circle, it has a simple circle of dark wood. I think this is my favorite of these.

10K bytes"

Leaf Pentacle (Mahogany)
Another reworking of the Web of Oz logo, but with the sticks made of the same dark wood as the circle.

10K bytes"

Leaf Pentacle (Mitered)
A different image this time, apparently made of mitered and joined dowels, polished to a high gloss. I like it, but it looks like it'd hurt . . .

9K bytes"

Leaf Pentacle (Flat)
I'm afraid I think this looks like a shop project. You know, your basic jigsaw work, with a router used to give the illusion of strokes crossing each other. For some reason, I made this pentacle the mirror image of the others.

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