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The Web of Oz is a group based in Lawrence, Kansas which practices an eclectic feminist Neo-Paganism. We were founded as the Lawrence-Topeka Pagan Network at Lammas 1986, and at Yule 1986 named ourselves the Web of Oz. (That's "Oz" as in "The Wizard of", to honor our Kansas heritage.) Our membership draws from the area around Lawrence, including but not limited to Kansas City, Topeka, and Manhattan.

So as you can see, we antedate the World Wide Web by about six years. Both entities are commonly referred to as "the Web". The use of the term "Web" in this document generally refers to the Web of Oz, and not to the World Wide Web.

The men and women who founded the Web were very influenced by Starhawk's writings and her influence on the Web continues to this day.

We are one of very few Pagan groups in the Kansas City area who regularly use consensus process to make policy, and plan rituals. We're in our fifteenth year, so we must be doing something right.

The Web celebrates the eight solar holidays. We don't celebrate the lunar festivals. At various times there have been covens of Web members who meet for the moon rituals, but celebrate the solar holidays with the Web.

General structure of Web rituals
How we do rituals

Heritage of the Sabbats
Historical background for our rituals

Web of Oz policy documents and other esoterica
How we're organized

Weaving the Web
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Spinning Connections
Links to other groups and organizations

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