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Statement of Purpose

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Our logo
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Freely available leafy pentacle images
These images are freely available, should you want one. If you're not linking to the Web or a Web member, please don't use our logo. Use one of these instead.

Ritual Planning Meeting Structure
Here's the general order of things in our planning meetings.

The two guides by the Amazing Graces:
Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior in Ritual, and
Guide to Consensus Process
These are both good examples of how we operate

Sponsorship Requirements
This has generally been superseded by the revised version of Amazing Graces Guide above, but it has some historical information, including some of the rationale for our sponsorship requirements.

Membership Rights and Obligations
Another good example of how we operate

Miss Cow's Maxims
A helpful guide to group process.

Dragons, Graces, and Snakes
What are they? Why are they?

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