Dragons, Graces, and Snakes in the Web of Oz

by Lydia and Lark

This document originally appeared by Lydia in the Yule 1991 Oz Notes and described Dragons and Graces. We have edited it recently to add a description of Snakes. It appears here because sometimes old timers forget that new Web members don't necessarily know what Dragons, Graces, and Snakes are. These terms came to the Web from Starhawk's book Truth or Dare (1987, HarperCollins, New York). We have adapted them to our purposes.

And of course, the use of the term "Web" in these pages generally refers to the Web of Oz, not to the World Wide Web.

At the Yule 1991 planning meeting, we decided that it would be in everyone's best interest to institute the regular appointing of Dragons and Graces for rituals. At the February 13, 2000 Web Council, we decided to officially expand the role of Dragon slightly, and to institute regular appointing of Snakes, which previously had been done only occasionally.

The Web is a large group, and to take some pressure off the HPs, a Dragon and a Grace will be appointed for each ritual, as are Heritage, Directions, etc.

The Dragon's duty is (mostly) to keep an eye on time. If people are over-staying their break, the Dragon will steer them towards the circle. The Dragon also assists the HPs in dealing with any disruptions during ritual.

Snakes are primarily vibes-watchers who also serve as compassionate, confidential listeners for personal issues that come up during Web meetings or rituals. They serve from one planning meeting to the next.

The Grace acts more as a host or hostess, with duties such as making sure newcomers are comfortable (and sponsored!).

These will be "people in waiting" for the HPs. They should also be willing to help clean up after the ritual. These positions should (I hope) eliminate many of the trivial problems we encounter in rituals.

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