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Membership Rights and Obligations

Note: the use of the term "Web" in these pages generally refers to the Web of Oz, not to the World Wide Web.

Membership in the Web is mostly a state of mind to be claimed. Members have obligations to the Web (each other), and the Web exists by their voluntary efforts. Through these, the Web and its members create and claim rights, especially the right to ritual and magic in safe space. The obligations and rights are:

Other facts pertaining to Web membership and decision making are:

To come to a Web event, one must be sponsored, or have attended at least two events, one of which must be a ritual. Sponsorship is defined in Amazing Graces' Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior in Ritual.

There is no quorum. Decisions are possible at all announced Web events.

No one under 18 can be unsponsored at any Web event. Children are welcome when sponsored.

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