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Sponsorship Requirements

by Ellyntari

This is directed towards those who would sponsor people to the Web. Consider it a supplement to Amazing Graces' Guide. It has some of the rationale for the requirements. The language has been modified slightly from the original article to bring it closer to the Guide, which is the official Web policy.

And of course the use of the term "Web" in these pages generally refers to the Web of Oz, not to the World Wide Web.

There are a lot of people in the Web who don't know it yet, but they are qualified sponsors. Conversely, there may be a few who aren't and don't know.

So if you're wondering if you are a Web sponsor, here is the definition. You must:

Sponsorship is more than finding your guest a ride and then dashing off to join the festivities. To sponsor someone to the Web is a complex duty, because the sponsor is the one who is held responsible for a guest's behavior. The sponsor is responsible for making sure the underage guests don't drink, that a guest is comfortable with the ritual, or that a guest gets a ride home.

The sponsor is also the one who must answer for a guest's behavior, if it is not appropriate. Unwanted sexual advances, rude comments during circle, criticism of a ritual or participants during circle, not paying attention during magical workings or invocations, violence or threats of violence at any time, are all inappropriate behavior for a guest. Believe it or not, all of these have happened at one time or another, over the last seven years. Sponsorship evolved in response to these and other problems.

Who needs a sponsor?

Ed. note: the above isn't quite the same as the statement in Amazing Graces' Guide, which is the official Web policy.

Questions to ask yourself before you sponsor:

If the answer to any of these questions is no, resolve it before the ritual starts!

A little known fact . . . If you volunteer to be a Grace, you have just volunteered to sponsor anyone who wanders up at Camp Gaea, or shows up from wherever without a sponsor.

Take advantage of break to give your newcomer a quick rundown on Web etiquette and review the ritual description. Obviously, even a Grace can decide not to sponsor someone who is drunk, violent, rude, or otherwise not prepared for the ritual, but this won't come up too often (we hope—please Goddess).

Nine times out of ten, you will go ahead and sponsor them—so be familiar with the ritual and what potential trouble spots are.

If you can't sponsor, don't volunteer to be a Grace. It didn't used to matter much, because when we met at people's houses we rarely had unexpected guests. But now we do.

Some Web members don't need sponsors, yet cannot sponsor. This is no reflection of their importance in the Web or their skill as Witches, but rather an indication of their level of committment at the moment. These include:

There is no limit to who or how many people you may sponsor. A good rule, however, is to sponsor no more people than to whom you can explain the ceremony over break, and no more than will fit in your car.

If you are Priest or Priestess, it is unlikely that you will be able to sponsor people unless you have a lot of contact with them before the ritual. Plan accordingly.

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